Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mia, day two

This shot was taken when they brought Mia to Jenn to nurse for the first time. I should know in an hour or so if she is coming home today, or if she will spend one more day in the hospital. This morning she feels good, but she said last night was painful. I imagine the drive from Santo Domingo, then the two flights of stairs up to this apartment will be hard.

But, Luis is right when he says that Jenn will be happier home, where she can visit with friends and have help from people who love her. I can't wait to watch the faces of Luis' parents when they see Mia. They are so excited. The night before we left for the hospital, they came over and brought the most beautiful mosquito net for around the baby crib. It is all ruffles and lace, and makes the bed perfect for Princess Mia.

I've finally gotten Photoshop to work on the laptop, so I'm about to update the surgery post below with an explanation of why Jenn was not able to have Mia without the c-section.


kellyquinn7 said...


Your posts of Jennifer are beautiful!!! I'm so glad she has friends with her. Please give her my love and hugs!! Tell her I'm so proud of her and know she will be a wonderful mama!!!

Kelly Quinn

EdistoCam said...

I realize I’m becoming ruthlessly redundant but I just cannot get over this precious baby!
These images bring such joy and an indescribable feeling of gratitude. Perhaps it’s because the phenomenon of birth reminds me of the magnificent yet fleeting phenomenon of life.
Every one of us bears within himself the possibility of all passions, all destinies
of life in all its forms. Nothing human is foreign to us. -- Edward G. Robinson - American Actor (1893-1973).


Catherine McDuffie said...

your posts are always so wonderful!! :) i read them almost everyday, i'm subscribed on my igoogle desktop. what a beautiful mia!

Catherine McDuffie

Heidi Mehltretter said...

Thanks Catherine,
I'm so anxious to hear about your move to the States, you have to update that blog of yours because I realized I don't have your email!