Monday, February 04, 2008

Kenya Update 3

It is hard for me to read this, as it is from the Masai man whom I interviewed. I see him, his wife and his children as I read. I believe he is a leader over at least 60 Masai churches. His name is Moses.
"Trouble is still rampant in our country killings & riots
especially recently they have killed two opposition's law

The major problem we have is hunger not able to meet daily basic necessities our members are starving.

We need a miracle from God."

Moses is a good man. I share his words in hope that you will send your strength, in thoughts or prayer, to the people of Kenya. We are all connected, don't you think? Let's also focus on holding up the arms of Moses so he can continue to encourage and help his people. This conflict, from what I can tell, is not of the Masai, but they are certainly among those suffering.

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