Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Masai character

In light of all that is cruel going on in Kenya, I went back to some interviews I did there with a Masai last year. He told me about his circumcision, and about women's circumcision ceremonies.

Man or woman, when you are circumcised, you should not show fear or pain. During his circumcision, he stood with arms stretched out from his body, hands flat. Because he did not show fear in his eyes, and his hands did not shake, he was given a cow as a reward for his bravery.

Here, he talks about the value of bravery in the Masai culture. He also discusses generosity. I think this dialogue is a nice follow up to yesterday's post.

Here are the audio clips:
Generosity - results

When you visit me, I will show you the knife this Masai is holding. He was kind enough to let me take it home. I later received a letter from the Masai I visited and was able to send them a photo album of my time there. I hope desperately to return and see them all alive and well.

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