Friday, January 01, 2010

Shadow Work

Frankly, I'm not feeling good about this coming year. When I get quiet to feel it, I'm stressed. Aside from the obvious life stressors, there is no blinking light pointing at a source.

I have a feeling I might be fighting my shadow. It's been quite some time since I've sensed the need for shadow work. Perhaps it's brought up by the decision to try and parent without anger. This anger comes from somewhere, so I need to find out where and balance that into the mix.

Looking for my Owning My Own Shadow book for a re-read.

I remember last time I worked on this. Not fun.


Anonymous said...
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Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said... if you can't find that book you want to re-read, it might be because it's on my bookshelf here in the DR....????? hehehe Wanna come and pick it up??? :-)

heidi said...

You just saved me another few hours of looking. I got a new book, Romancing the Shadow. Much more of a how to than that one. It's good. And, yes, I want to come. How about today?