Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of my new hobbies, besides selling wigs on ebay to raise money for the adoption, is gardening. I started it when I realized the kids haven't had the experiences I did growing up with a mom with green thumbs, fingers and toes, who knows all the scientific names of every plant and has grown food organically since before I was born. I tried last year, and as you may recall, the garden was almost a complete failure. This year, I decided to start inside, with tomato seeds.

The only issue now is that I'm scared to take them outside. So, they are sortof past the "seedling" stage.

Ruth brought me some tulips from the Netherlands when she visited a few weeks ago. I though they seemed very odd when they began to poke out of the dirt, and now I realize why. I have this great crop of mushrooms in the tulip pot. Go figure. Need to find out if they are edible then cook um up!


KT said...

Thats great! I got a topsy turvy last night, so we are going to go get tomato plants today to put in it. I also prepared a spot for some strawberry plants, hope they survive!!!!

Heidi Mehltretter said...

How cool, did you find it at a thrift store? I wish I could give you a seedling.