Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Neuro Reorganization

Today was our second day doing Neuro Reorganization therapy with the kiddos. It's supposed help their brains work out things they probably missed when they were young, so it entails all sorts of fun stuff like creeping and crawling around the house, spinning in office chairs, doing these things called "patterns," as well as breathing and sensory exercises.

We're looking at about a two year stint, so we are all adapting to the new schedule. Actually, just the fact that it has to be done EVERY single day is a big part of it. I'm sure this will shock you, but I'm not a "schedule" person. About the only thing I do every day without fail is brush my teeth. So, this is big.

We may need some cheerleaders.

I'll update with progress reports, but I really don't expect much before around four months in.

Progress so far for the youngest:

I took her to karate and the teacher said after wards, "she was much more focused today than usual."

Second day I noticed her reverting to a LOT of baby behaviors - baby talk and so on.

Should be interesting to see what happens over the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sounds kookoo.

Heidi Mehltretter said...

No kidding, but, I'm seeing stuff - and I know I'm not imagining it, because I'm skeptical (though not as much as my husband). It's a worthwhile experiment, anyway.

Sophie said...'ll have to keep us updated!

Allison said...

I am sooooo impressed. You are an amazing parent, and I hope you will keep the faith. The hard-wiring is something we only have a "gross" understanding of. . . .acting on what we do know while they are young can be the difference for one or more of your children. Let me know what I can do to help. Your commitment means so much to the future of Zion, Alden, and yes, even Sarah. . . .and Nebu!!

Jillian and Crew said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the blog and giving us some insight as to what this would be like on a reg basis.

Sandee said...

Is this Dianne Craft or another program? I've heard good things about these activities from so many places, but struggle with being consistent.

Heidi Mehltretter said...

I think it is different, but I don't know. I just haven't heard that name before. Could be similar. Some people on the board I read talk about gut health, and I think Dianne Craft is active with that idea. Thanks for visiting!

Suellen said...

I am considering this path with my son as well. What made you decide to do it? How hard was it to find a practitioner?

Anonymous said...

So I am considering this therapy for my daughter... can you provide updates and if you think it is helping your children?