Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Move over 'possom!

There's a new kid in town. And, he's bigger. And he likes chocolate icing from the free grocery bakery buckets we neglected to wash out.

Haven't seen my "little buddy" in awhile. I do miss him. He was getting plump and his coat was sleek. He'd hang out in the back yard and catch apple cores I'd toss to him. I think he'll be back around after awhile, once he starts jonesen' for Phydeaux's yummy cat food.

Meanwhile, out back all is well (and productive). Photo compliments of Jonathan Gaynor.

And, in the kitchen, Alden's ants, a gift from his Aunt Judy, are thriving. Well, maybe not thriving, but certainly existing. At least those that haven't been smashed when they tried to get out, or knocked unconcious when people accidentally slam their home on the table.

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Anonymous said...

You're beautiful.