Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Photos in the Fair

David won something. We don't know what it is. David is cautioning me, "Maybe you should wait and see what I won. Maybe I got the "what rednecks think this is art" award!
I don't care. I'm proud of him.


Laura said...

I would buy that. It's awesome! Congrats to David!

Anonymous said...

LOve it!
Good job David!!

the ewings said...

Love it! Simple yet detailed all together!

shell said...

dude the redneck award would STILL be an award!

Anonymous said...

Strong image. Good use of light and composition.

What is striking to me is the texture of brick & wood. One can actually feel it visually.


T. Smith

Laura said...

From now on we shall all refer to your husband as "Award Winning Photograph, David Sneath." :)