Monday, March 03, 2008

Seeing an ocean for the first time

My parents have been going to Hilton Head for maybe 20 years, two weeks at the end of every February. Alden heard enough stories about the beach from Lydia and Sarah that he was READY.

Here is his first look at the ocean:

It is a pretty neat moment to share with someone.

Here is Zion's first day at the beach, two years ago, with Grandma. She was saying "woof" to the seagulls.


Anonymous said...

Asking Alden if this was his "first" time to the beach, he said, "no, it was my last time." Sarah and I tried to clarify, but to no avail. First trip to the beach, more than one trip to the actual beach during that visit, the last trip to the beach before heading home. . . . Alden is working on so much and doing so well!

Laura said...

I love Alden's hair! He is SO cute! It was sweet seeing an old pic of Zion... she's so little but still gorgeous. I love experiencing the first's of children. It's a blessing that we get to experience it again through their eyes.

Dogwood Dell said...

Great pics!

Pleased to know you and the family are doing well.