Monday, October 27, 2008

Art Auction

In Denver next week there is an art auction to benefit one of my favorite charities, Children's Heaven. So, I've been putting together some things to auction off so I can get them mailed tomorrow. First was a picture book of Ethiopia, for children born there. The last page is blank so the high bidder can personalize it with the child's photo. I just finished this shadow box of a woman pulling thread. I lined it with a scarf like the one her family made from the thread she is working on. I also want to do some scrap book pages - just the elements, for people who have been there. One page will be round houses, one weaving, one cooking, that sort of thing, with some paper and accessories to go with the photos. I hope people like my items and the bid them up.


SDR said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! That is so beautiful, and it is so generous of you to send us stuff. I know Hanna is so grateful and I just hope that we can raise a ton of money for her.

Shawn in Boulder, CO

Heidi Mehltretter said...

You are too nice. I love Hanna and I'm inspired by the energy, organization and talent people are donating to make this auction a reality. It's exciting!

Sophie said...

Oh, I want one!!!

Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

You are amazing! I wish that I had even one ounce of your creativity!! What a blessing you are to SO MANY people!! I love you!

Thankfulmom said...

Wow Heidi, that is beautiful. Thank you so much for promoting the AHOPE store. We are so thankful for the money being raised for the children's care.


paige said...


I can't wait to meet your work in person, and neither can my credit card!

Thanks for your support of Ethiopian Orphan Relief and Children's Heaven--your blog was our first introduction to Children's Heaven, and shortly after, Danielle attended an even with Hanna. Kismet!!!


Ethiopian Orphan Relief board member

Laurie Lazar said...

Hello Heidi, I'm heading to Ethiopia in three weeks and I'd like to speak with you about your experiences there. I have some ideas to help out Hanna's cause and I'd love to run them by you.

Would you mind calling me? 303.596.3432. I would totally appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,