Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scary Computer Stuff

Now that I've changed over to high definition video, my external drives are no longer fast enough to edit properly. So, my friend Wedge at Wegener Media turned me on to this little device that hooks up to my computer via an eSATA cable. Nifty, but you need an expensive card to get it going. Leave it to computer guru Robert to find a cheap work around. Well, I bought this thing, and opened my computer to install it.

It's a good thing I didn't read the directions first, because I would have completely chickened out. I had to take my computer apart - all sorts of screws in a bowl next to me, and some left over when I was done . . . but, I am now up and running, and it is SCREAMING fast.

Very cool.

In other news, one of Alden's friends from China found us, and Alden has been on the phone with this friend for an hour. I can hear them talking from my desk. Alden is explaining to him how to do something on the computer and it sounds exactly like Wedge or Robert trying to walk me though something.

"No, hit the P key!" "Now hit ENTER." The thing is, he is outside, pacing in the yard while he's giving these instructions. I'm telling you, these kids are born double clicking!

He then came in and asked to get on my edit computer. Our laptop is out with David doing taxes. Well, supposedly he's doing taxes, though I just got an email from him asking if "pleather" is a real word (it is slang, according to Wikipedia, though there are several types of pleather, you have to be specific). Anyway, Alden was on line, playing a video game with a boy he went to school with in China, who stayed at his orphanage and foster home. Two years ago, neither of them spoke a word of English, and now they are yelling to each other while they are on line playing a game together, two states apart, in the USA, in totally new lives.


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nosmallfeat said...

That's awesome about Alden and I am very impressed with your actually getting in there without crying and shorting it out (like I would have done...).

David shouldn't bother with the taxes. The origin of the word pleather is much more important and I'm about ready for a tea party. Anyone wanna meet me in Boston?