Sunday, June 22, 2008


Last week was Gymnastics Camp for Sarah and Camp Funtastic for Alden and Zion. Alden made this neat thing as a science activity and is having a challenging time keeping Zion from eating it. They also had cricket races (Alden's cricket won). Zion said the bugs were nasty and scary and she cried. I can only imagine her teacher's thoughts on that day.

This week is Jesus Camp for Sarah and Alden, and Karate camp for Zion. I think the camp has a different name than Jesus Camp, but since watching the documentary by that name, it sticks in my head. The older kids packed today for what will be Alden's first overnight camp. Sarah found a new technique for organizing her clothes in her new American Girl magazine. She tried to teach Alden, but with slightly different results that matched something I read about boys not "awakening" to organization until late teen years.

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Anonymous said...

Can I borrow that magazine Sarah? Great organization...