Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Working, working, and playing, too

The pace has not slowed much. Saturday, Lee Ann hired me to help her shoot a living history project in Little Mountain. Projects like that are the best, listening to people tell stories of working farms and what they did for fun and what they ate (and how they made make molasses). People talked about segregation and how things have changed since those times. It was good to record people's memories.

Yesterday I worked some on photos for the Connections Magazine article, and today I again work with Lee Ann on the Heathwood School video. I can't tell you how much I want my kids to go to High School there. It is just an amazing school. I told David we should plan to work there so we can get a tuition break. But, it is still the price of college. Here, Alden and Zion practice their computer skills (in preparation for college, of course).

Sunday we celebrated Alden's Forever Day. Each of our kids has a Forever Day. It is the anniversary of the day we met for the first time as a family. This was Alden's first, and we had a blast playing games and riding water shooting boats at Frankie's Fun Park. Lydia joined us, and we went out for Rush's fast food afterwards. I took this shot off David's phone to post.


Dogwood Dell said...

The Little Mountain history project reminds me of some of the WPA projects done in Virginia.

The government hired people during the Great Depression to do various works. One was to visit people in local communities and write about their life.

Best of luck with your project!

Heidi Mehltretter said...

I think that is a very worthy project - thanks for sharing it. Great to see you on line.

Bradshaws said...

Happy Forever Day Alden!!!
I just have to say that Alden has the coolest hair style!
(And I wish I lived in your shadow, what a neat project!!)

Anonymous said...

You are an incredible woman with even more incredible children!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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