Wednesday, March 19, 2008

David's Surgery, OK

I have gobs of stuff to update, but no time to do it, sorry! But, here is an adorable shot of baby Mia that Jen sent to me to help brighten your day.

In short:
Sarah's gymnastic state meet was a fun chance to go to Myrtle Beach and visit friends.

David is recovering from surgery and is doing well.

Hanna, from Ethiopia, made it to South Carolina last night and we look forward to a crazy schedule visiting groups who want to know more about her work with older girls whose parents have died of hiv.

More soon . . .


Anonymous said...

Baby Mia is soooooo adorable! I see Jenn, perhaps it's Mia's expression, but it surely is there.

So happy David is recovering well.

Sarah always does her best and she is a wonderful gymnast. So glad she had a good time. Beautiful shells you found on the beach too!

Looking forward to hearing from Hanna!

Blessings to you all!

nosmallfeat said...

I totally see Jenn's face in Mia! Mia is PERFECT!