Friday, February 01, 2008


I feel I've almost hit excessive on the number of "issue" posts lately. So, I will keep this one short. China, as you know, has experienced severe weather. Many orphanages are in trouble. I received an email this morning about one nanny walking FOUR hours to the orphanage she they works, others are leaving their families to be with the orphans instead of staying home to celebrate Chinese New Year. Here is a site with more info on specific orphanages and their needs. Info is at the right hand side of the home page. This photo was taken at Alden's orphanage, before we adopted him. He was lucky to have a coat. I can't imagine what snow at Sarah's old orphanage would be like, and they say the weather in Hunan, her province, is horrible.

Had an interesting conversation with Alden last night. We were on our way home from the kid's "Age of Aquarius" performance. If anyone knows how to get that song out of one's head, PLEASE COMMENT!

We stopped by ACS, David's business, to get his phone.

Alden asked, "Mommy, why Daddy have keys ACS?"
This began a challenging discussion about Daddy owning the business. It quickly became obvious that Alden has no concept of someone OWNing a business.

We left it at "So all people at ACS have to listen Daddy?"

Alden liked that idea.


Anonymous said...

The cure for getting any song out of your head is to sing "It's a Small World After All", which will promptly override every other song you know. However, the cure is worse than the disease in many cases. ;)

Just found your blog today and I am loving it.

mom to a newly arrived 5 year old from ETH

Heidi Mehltretter said...

I'm laughing out loud - in an effort to STOP THE SMALL WORLD PEOPLE from rolling around in my head.

Thanks for the compliment about my blog! Congratulations on your new child, I'm off to see if you have pictures posted.

Heidi said...

Love the blog. And I'm sorry about the song in your head. We always choose someone to "give it away to." You tap them on the shoulder, say that you have a song stuck in your head, sing a bit to them, then tell them it is now theirs. It actually works. :)

Heidi Mehltretter said...

Great idea.

Hey, Heidi, hum along with this:
it's a small world, after all, it's a small world, after all, it's a small world after all . . . it's a small, small world.