Wednesday, May 09, 2007

9 hours to take off

In less than 6.5 hours we head to the airport. Had a fantastic time hanging out with friends Laura and Brian, who have a precious Ethiopian son, and Mindi and Butch, whose family will head to Ethiopia any day and get a sister and brother for their two birth children. I can hardly believe we are almost on our way.

VERY thankful to a dear friend who gave us some good sleeping pills, which are the plan for the Dallas to Korea flight. If we sleep the 7 hours they are good for, it will be the first seven in a row we've had in many weeks.

Also tried out our skype (cinegirlsc if you are a skype user) and found we can talk and video to Mom and Zion. I hope this helps Zion not feel so separated from us. Honestly, David, Sarah and I are having a tougher time with it than Zion. She is just thrilled to be with "ga-mah."

As of this afternoon, we did not know what we were doing once our plane landed in mainland China - no hotel, no guide info, nada. It was a bit disconcerting. But, tonight we got the phone number for the agency person in Nanjing. I feel better now.

David is at 2:15 left in his Jazz b-ball game, so he is happily winding down. Laura posted pictures of the evening on her blog:


Laura said...

I am going to figure out this skype thing... 7 hours sleep sounds like a week in paradise to me right now.

I miss you already.

Trisha(coach) said...

I am so excited for you guys! Heidi i will be praying for you and Sarah! Have fun,enjoy this time with sarah! And know Zion will be fine! The lord will comfort her and five GAMMAH the words to make her feel safe and not left behind! Talk to yall soon! Oh yea i have skype... i have to find my name.. ill keep you posted!

Laura said...

I wonder if you are there yet....