Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shooting the president

Thanks to my friend Lee Ann Kornegay, last night I got paid to shoot the president. Not too shabby since a ticket into the room required a $5000 donation.

President Clinton spoke for over 40 minutes at a dinner honoring former Secretary of Education Dick Riley. I truly enjoyed his talk, which I mistakenly thought would be full of political platitudes and low in meaningful content. But, he spoke in depth about key issues I ponder often: global warming, illegal immigration and, of course, the educational system in the USA.

more thoughts to come . . .


Michelle Malay Carter said...

Be careful. A headline like that can net you a visit from the Secret Service.

In an interesting act of synchronicity, I've got Bill Clinton featured on my blog today too. http://www.missionmindedmanagement.com/the-perfect-job-title


Michelle Malay Carter

Anonymous said...


About 10 years ago, I attended a rally in NOVA (Northern Virginia) and brought my 35MM to take photos of a number of politicos.

After a musical performance by Bruce Hornsby, a few campaign speeches, the POTUS arrived and I took a number of cool pictures. He even came by and shook my hand.

Loads of fun.

Hope you enjoyed the evening with the SC New Democrats!


Kathy said...

I saw President Clinton at a conference 2 years ago. He was one of the best & most charismatic speakers I've seen, and I've seen plenty. I myself was pleasantly surpised at his speech, as I probably similar misgivings going into it.

nosmallfeat said...

Politics aside I also found him to be engaging, charming and highly intelligent during a speech I saw him give in NYC back in 1992. When I read your headline I had the exact same thought as did Michelle above. LOL

Heidi Mehltretter said...

I know:). One never announces to security guarding the door, "I'm here to shoot the president," the politically correct way to announce one's self is, "I'm here to film the president" or "I'm here to photograph the president."

Adam Schultz said...

Yea, check your log files.

I once blogged about mailing fertilizer to the White House to give back some of the BS Bush has been giving us for so long and it earned me a site visit from the USPS.

nosmallfeat said...

Adam Schultz whoever you are. You earned the first audible laugh from me today!