Monday, December 24, 2007


This result begins as follows:

she really does not like having her hair washed

drying is okay, as long as she is in charge. I think she looks like a print model in this hair drying shot.


nosmallfeat said...

OOOH! She looks fab! I was on here earlier and saw the three "before" shots. Good job! I am very impressed.

Thankfulmom said...

Zion is so beautiful. I love the ENERGY exhibited in her fourth birthday photos. Your blog is looking great, thanks for sharing your fascinating life.

Almighty Dwight said...

she DOES look like a model. beautiful.

you'll be happy to know i've updated our blog, complete with photos!

see you soon.

the ewings said...

I thought that to Model material indeed! She is absolutely beautiful. You are a pro at her hair. But beauty sometimes comes with a cost - a few tears! Great job!-Chris

Anonymous said...

Great job Heidi!! Im impressed!

pat2006 said...

Simply beautiful!