Monday, November 05, 2007

More Tears Today

Today I spoke with two HIV positive women who chose
to give up their girls for adoption before they die.
I asked them what they were feeling. I asked one of
them what she would like to tell her daughter on her
wedding day. She told me about her own wedding day,
at age 14, and how her parents told her she must go
and sleep with her husband. She wanted to run away
and not do it because she was so scared. She said she
didn’t want her daughter to go through that.

The daughters have already changed roles with their
mothers, and they talked about how they were worried
about who would take care of their mothers when they
go to the States. Yet, I could see they were excited
about the possibility of a new family and a good
education. One of the mothers had prepared her child
well for the transition. Hers was the interview where
I could no longer see my viewfinder after the first
few questions.

After all I have seen here, no one could ever convince
me that a poor or sick mother in a mud house cares any
less for her child than I care for mine. I really
miss my kids. I want to hold them and I long to look
at them while they sleep. My kids were born of other
women in another countries, yet I get to look at them,
I touch them, and they bring their joys and sorrows to
me. I am beyond blessed.


Lance and Karleen said...

Thanks for sharing! What an amazing trip. Praying for you and your kids!

Matt, Lindsey and Lola said...

Thatnks for sharing so much on your blog! I dodnn't read through all your archived posts yet.... but what I can gather form the current post your a phootgrapher. I am also!! Im leaving for Ethiopia November 26 and hope to be able to do something with my photography while there. I would love to hear more about what you were doing, and what the interviews are for. Im interested in it all!!