Monday, October 15, 2007

preparing to go

David and I always complain about leaving.
We despise the insanity of trying to get all our work done,
clients happy,
house ready,
bags packed,
lists checked,
forgotten items overnighted,
contact info sheets drawn up . . . and these are the items under the first 100 on my list! Monday, Ethiopia. Three weeks this time. The longest I've left Alden, and I have to say I'm concerned about his reaction to it. I hope I can email often. Connection speeds, or lack thereof, make Skyping a joke.

Right now I should be sleeping, but I'm downloading the audio book, "a thousand splendid suns." I want to listen to it on the trip home if I can figure out how to make this ipod thing Rod gave me work. It will save me space. I have another book, "oracle bones" that I've been saving. It will last me to Ethiopia, then I can give it to Dr. Ruth. I also have a few devotional books, and a couple kids books and a trade mag if I can fit them in.

The carryons are the hardest - I must include everything to make the shoot happen in the likely event that luggage won't arrive. Camera, back up camera. Lenses - long, wide, medium, memory cards - I ordered more today, hope they make it in time - tape stock, video camera(s), mics, cables, chargers for all gear, extra long life batteries, flash for camera, extra AA batteries, fan to run with 220 converter so I don't fry chargers, computer with power supply, blank disks, change of clothing, reading material, medicines, toothbrush. Wear the shoes I can go into the bush with, even though they are annoying in security. Full size pillow. Well hidden crisp $20 bills. Water bottle - empty so I won't be suspected of carrying waterborne explosives. Sunglasses. locks and steel cable, large scarf to use as hood and protection against nasty airline seat or as blanket if flight is delayed. change of socks. Passport. Blow up 3/4 camping air matt. travel alarm clock. I once spent 8 hours sleeping in Curacao while my friends fidgeted in their uncomfortable seats. They made fun of me, lying on my camping mattress covered with my scarf - but I was sleeping and I didn't care - my alarm was set, I could relax. Wish it was that easy at home with kids!

My trips through security are a nightmare. I pity the people behind me. Video camera? yes, at least one. Computer, yes. shoes, yes. bag of liquids? yes. search? yes. Do my carry ons weigh 45 pounds each? yes.


Laura said...

And here I am trying to buy a pair of red tights to be a superhero for Halloween. All this time I didn't know I needed a camping mattress and a scarf. I bet if you outstretched your arms and pushed off you'd see you can fly. That's how amazingly super I think you are!

Anonymous said...

Safe Travels. Keep us posted on your adventures.


T. Smith

Cams said...

Hi Heidi

It was really great to meet you on the plane from ATL to AMS. I shall read your blog with interest and wish you all the best on your travels. Your the most interesting and easy-to-get-along-with passenger I've sat beside on a plane!

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If you ever find yourself in the southwest of Scotland, take a trip to the Isle of Arran and come and see us!