Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nightly Rituals

Every night, Sarah, Alden and Dad play Trouble. Some nights, Sarah's friend Lydia joins in. And, on occasion, Mom will play a game. It is quite loud, competitive and intense, and does little to calm the kids down before bed. Gotta love it.


Heidi W said...

Too cute! :)

Laura said...

I love it!

Rachel B. said...


This is kinda crazy, but this is Rachel from Riverbanks Zoo:-) We swapped adoption stories back in '06 before I moved to Massachusetts. At the time you were talking about a little boy that was possibly in the works - am so pleased that Alden is now a part of your family! The odd thing is, my husband and I have been researching Ethiopian adoption and I found your blog randomly when I clicked on a link from the Bly Family Blog. Small world! We're doing well and have settled permanently in Virginia. Rachel B.